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A collection of storage associating shelving D 11'', chests with doors D 17 3/4'' and podiums D 23 1/2''. Shelving units in 1/2'' thick panels finished in gloss black or gloss white laccquer or walnut veneer. Chests with 2 or 4 doors in gloss black or gloss white lacquered panels, or 1-door chests W 41 1/4'' with clear glass doors with a very thin lacquered aluminum frame. Podiums (finished in gloss black or gloss white lacquer) in widths 55 1/2'', 68 3/4'' or 82 3/4'' are equipped with internal niches (with optional internal drawers in the left and right-hand niches). These podiums may be topped with a wall panel supporting a television and can also accommodate a removable surface in finished in gloss black or gloss white lacquer or walnut veneer mounted on a steel underframe finished in black or white lacquer. All fronts are equipped with a 'push-catch' opening system. Elements at floor level rest on a 3 cm thick lacquered base.'>
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After studying at the Ecole Nationale des Arts Décoratifs Pagnon and Pélhaître worked with a number of different architectural agencies, until, to their surprise, they were asked to collaborate with a company to promote value added knowledge. Since then, they have continued to work with prominent brands such as Ligne Roset, Cinna, Habitat and Sarila. Working with their team, they have found outlets for their creativity in a variety of fields: they design factories, lighting, shops, chairs, restaurants, tables, offices, storage furniture, exhibitions, sofa and the list does not stop there. There is a strong current underlying each of their creations, as their innovative designs aim to shape trends yet retain a timeless quality.
Black Lacquered, White Lacquered, Walnut
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Ligne Roset San Francisco
Showroom - 162 King Street, San Francisco
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